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Getting started with health plans and Quality Auditing

Fundamentals of HEDIS 2021


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NEXT LEVEL PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS  will offer Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS® ) training that provides information, tools, and resources to meet quality management goals toward obtaining successful HEDIS scores with excellent chart auditing skills. NL Professional Services gives the healthcare professional an in-depth overview of the HEDIS process utilizing the HEDIS Hybrid measures, medical record abstraction instruction, practice and testing. This includes training manuals, certificates and continuous support. The course has been proven to be effective in training HEDIS professionals and improving clinical documentation guidelines for health care companies.

The beginners coarse covers all the measures you need to know to work HEDIS Hybrid Projects and  work within the managed care industry

Course Overview

The course gives you a in depth overview of the HEDIS process utilizing the HEDIS hybrid measures, medical record abstraction instruction, and practice. The course has been proven to be effective in training HEDIS professionals and getting them started. Comes with E textbook. E workbook and videos for you to keep. 

Course Outline

The healthcare professional will have knowledge and understanding

of the following topics as they relate to HEDIS and The National

Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA)

  • The definition of HEDIS?

  • Who is National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA)?

  • Required reporting requirements

  • Type of required data to be collected

  • 2021 HEDIS Hybrid Measures

  • General Documentation Guidelines

  • How to effectively perform the abstraction process

  • Glossary of Key Terms

  • Sample Medical Record Review

  • Review Question and Answers

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